Avoiding Burnout in Tough Times


Understatement: These are tough times. Working in correctional settings has always been tough. There’s more work than we can handle, we are exposed to risks of violence, we are exposed to trauma, and we have to maintain strict boundaries in order to keep ourselves and others safe. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic. Infection concerns for patients, our families, and ourselves add yet another layer of fear and stress. These days, many of us feel overwhelmed, unsure, and at our breaking point. Our sense of safety, hope, competence, purpose, and connection are challenged. Face masks, eye shields, uniforms, and professional training do not protect us from exposure to worry, fear, anxiety and stress. 

In this workshop we will discuss worry, fear, anxiety, and stress ­— what they are and why we experience them. We will review ways to effectively cope with our stressors, anxieties, worries, and fears in order to reduce their impact on our lives and move us toward feeling more resilient. 


* Describe the roles and consequences of worry, fear, anxiety, and stress in our lives 

* Discuss the positive impact these states can have on our lives

* Identify at least three effective strategies to reduce the negative impact of these states on our well-being 


Sharen Barboza PhD, CCHP-MH is a clinical and consulting psychologist working in correctional mental health for over 20 years. She provides monitoring, consultation, training and expert opinion regarding the delivery of mental health services in correctional settings and cultural/emotional wellness. Publications include suicide risk, criminal thinking, and the efficacy of behavior management to reduce self-injury. She has an M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Tufts University, a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and she is certified in Wholebeing Positive Psychology 

Webinar Fee:

$59 ($49 for CCHPs), includes the powerpoint presentation, the webinar recording and CE credit - 1.0 hours for ACCME, ADA, ANCC, APA and CCHP

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When and Where
  • 3/16/2021 1:00 PM CDT
  • 3/16/2021 2:00 PM CDT
  • Webinar
  • Chicago
  • IL