Psychopathy: Providing Treatment and Managing Risk

Joel Andrade, PhD, LICSW, CCHP-MH, Centurion

Psychopathic individuals are overrepresented in correctional settings at a rate 15 to 25 times higher than in the general population. They are more likely to engage in violent behavior, break institutional rules, drop out of structured programs and disrupt routine operations in correctional settings. Correctional professionals should be familiar with how this personality disorder manifests itself interpersonally and behaviorally. The speaker will discuss the clinical and behavioral traits of psychopathy, and then describe a treatment unit (the Behavior Management Unit) designed for psychopathic individuals as an alternative to long-term segregation. Clinical examples will be used to illustrate personality characteristics and treatment interventions. Offers 1 hour of CE credit.

Educational Objectives

1.      Describe the interpersonal and behavioral manifestations of psychopathy

2.      Outline the general tenets for developing a treatment program for psychopathic individuals

3.      Review skills to apply to one’s work in correctional health care

About the presenter

Dr. Joel Andrade holds a PhD and MSW from Boston College. He has worked in correctional mental health since 1997 and is the director of clinical operations for Centurion. He has presented and published on numerous correctional health care topics including psychopathy, violence risk assessment, self-injurious behavior, designing alternative to segregation units for correctional systems and gender dysphoria.

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When and Where
  • 4/30/2019 1:00 PM CDT
  • 4/30/2019 2:00 PM CDT
  • Webinar
  • Chicago
  • IL